Taizhou order Machinery Co, ltd

Taizhou order Machinery Company is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of the sprayer.  The company was built in China under private management in 2013. The company has private ownership and it basically deals in sprayers. There are nearly 50 employees in the company and the biggest inspection company of the world SGS Group verifies the details of the organization. The company has captured the market by 40% of Africa, 20% Asia, 10% South America, 10% Europe and 10% Middle East. The products of the organization are certified by major certification organization of the world like CE, COC, SONCAP, etc.

The production factory of the company is located in Jiaojiang District in China and the factory is spread in over 4000 square meters. As described, the company deals in sprayer. Taizhou order Machinery Co, Ltd. has the capacity of producing 60000 pieces of the sprayer in a month. In the previous year, the company produced over 700000 pieces of industrial and non-industrial sprayers.

Taizhou order Machinery Co, Ltd. is passionate to keep a standard of their products and for that purpose, they have the products certified from CE. However; in their factory, they also have built a testing station where their products are tested before providing them to CE for certification. In this process, the standard and the quality of the products and Taizhou order Machinery Co, Ltd. is maintained. Further; along with ensuring the highest standards of their products, Taizhou order Machinery Co, Ltd. also looks to develop their products by bringing some revolutions according to the modern era. The company has built a research and development center in their factory, which consists of 5 engineers. The duty of these engineers is to research the innovations, which are brought into the market so the organization can keep their products and their employees updated which is an essential tool for growing the business in the modern era.


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