The knapsack mist duster collection, which we offer here, is well furnished with the excellent machines with reliable quality and perfect performance that you like to have. This mist duster collection really is trusted for disease avoidance and pest control in large crop domains and orchards, and yes, our mist duster is an excellent choice for sanitation disinfection and epidemic elimination in city and countryside.

Mist Duster Major Benefits

Successfully found in permaculture, horticulture, pest control, the mist duster collection, presented here resists professional exploitation because of the sturdy materials it is constructed of. The plastic-type material of the container and the baffle pipe withstands any kind of chemicals and fungicides found in permaculture, exactly because our users can expand the number of the program of treatments in pest management or place protection.

The mist duster has as standard equipment 4 degrees of spraying your solution. Also, the pressure pump of our products allows the spraying at 90 levels and a manipulated pressure of the jet of the solution. The competitive good thing about our mist duster assortment is the baffle pipe, which includes as standard equipment the revolving cylinder for the forming of the helical aircraft, and so the spraying is natural by total applying 99% of the answer over the complete surface of the fruits, leaves etc. Without this technique of solution plane creation in helical form, the plant life is partly sprayed and the procedure has no result.

Our mist duster protects 99% any kind of vegetable and can perform the whole selection of treatments. Another competitive edge is the typical equipment of our products with the spraying system of chemicals or fungicides, both solids, and natural powder grains. The procedure method of the engine unit speed is manipulated using the multifunctional deal with. The benefit for our users is the fact they don’t have to invest money for the accessories made available from us, and the assistance and quality products are our suggestions.

We make an effort to supply the best service and best quality product. Please don’t hesitate to provide us any responses on how to boost our service. Hope to listen to you soon!

Mist Duster